How do I report an issue on SeeClickFix?

over 1 year agoDecember 16, 2015
Amazing how easy it is! Well done SCF!
over 1 year agoDecember 17, 2015
You're welcome. Thanks for the kudos!
about 1 year agoFebruary 9, 2016
This is fantastic.
Ronald Ponkey
2 months agoMarch 1, 2017
17133 & 17149 Brady
Properties unkept - missing wood porch rail, garage full of garbage BUT yet new cards parked in the driveway> these 2 homes are destroying the block and making it unsafe!!!!! Unacceptable- No more slap on the hands..TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!
about 2 months agoMarch 2, 2017
West Side of Poinciana between Pembroke and St. Martins-neighbors parking acrin their lawns, blocking sidewalks, and putting garbage out 4 days early.
Jim Nicola
about 2 months agoMarch 2, 2017
South of 5 mile on Fox.  The pot holes are getting larger and larger.  I have considered fixing it myself.  Let me know if someone will fix it or if I can submit material bills to the township.  Either way it will be getting fixed.
James Nicola
about 2 months agoMarch 2, 2017
North of Schoolcraft  and Inkster intersection, in front of Tim Horton-BP.  The ground is so dramatically wavy that I believe someone lost control and went through the fence and down into the expressway.  It is a complete saftey hazard.  I saw a truck almost loose its load there as well.  Hurry
Alton Acker
about 1 month agoMarch 17, 2017
Dear Sirs,

The crossing light at Pine & Bridge Street has been vandalized. The light that signals down Pine Street works normally. The cover and light that signals cars coming South on Bridge Street has no cover or light in the empty metal housing, and therefore cannot alert drivers coming that way. This is the most vital side for traffic since cars coming into the curved section where the unit is cannot see anyone crossing until they are close upon them. Neither can the person crossing see traffic coming until they are at the intersection. I'm glad for the new light as it makes crossing safer, and it is risky trying to cross without the light. Please repair this as soon as possible.


Alton  Acker
‚Äč53 Hentry Street
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